Ways To Stimulate Your Mind And Get Motivated

Ways To Stimulate Your Mind And Get Motivated

The question I’m constantly asked by the unmotivated is “how can others become inspired to be motivated? ” Success is made by both external and internal stimulation.

When prompted your energy levels to improve, your fascination with the job amplifies and your dedication to work towards your own aims peaks. So, how do two people doing exactly the exact same job have distinct motivational levels?

The reward for completing a job is highly motivational, but that alone isn’t sufficient, as most people set goals together with the reward in your mind but not take actions. The key to motivation is understanding how to conquer personal procrastination to take positive actions.


Brain Trick #1: You Guessed it Trick your brain

The mind is an intricate organ which solves complex mathematical issues, creates revolutionary ideas which have put people on the moon, invented the net which altered how we live and also the brain gave us the wisdom to heal serious diseases saving innumerable lives. However, the mind can be duped

Read this announcement out loud; “I like blossoms in The The Summer Time”

Can you observe the double usage of the word “the?” Many who read this did not. This Exact Same psychology may be used to fool your mind into regeneration:

Think about a job that you Want to finish but procrastination has stopped you in your tracks

When considering this particular goal, do you envision how hard this undertaking is, the amount of steps which you need to take and do.

Then do you second guess how you’ll fall flat?

Having a focus on the issues and pain of this target, your brain magically deletes the positives, the Possible fun, along with your positive result:

  • Picture again, the negative images that stop you from taking actions
  • Push this picture from the mind’s eye so you can imagine seeing it in front of you
  • Turn the picture to a black and white image (if your picture plays like a picture pause the picture )
  • Move the white and black farther and future away from you so that it becomes smaller and smaller till it becomes a dot on the horizon

Replace this picture by picturing a big, colored picture. This movie is you at your best, appreciating every step towards your goal and the movie ends with you viewing you achieve your goal and the positive impact it has on your life

Brain TrickFocusing on the positives deletes procrastination

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”
– Ashley Smith

Brain Trick #2: Careful with your steps
Overthinking the essential steps to any target creates stress. Research has indicated that if you’re worried that the brain really shrinks in proportion. Maintain the actions needed to your target simple and small as it becomes manageable and generates inspiration. Overthinkers create a Simple task complicated by calling too many issues;

Target — Get Yourself a haircut “first I want to select which stylist I must attend. I could head to ‘MVP Barbershop’ however there’s not any parking nearby, so I need to walk if it rains I will get wet and that I have not got an umbrella, so I could buy one but I don’t have any money, so I am going to need to drive to an ATM. My Honda is running on empty so I will want to fill up, That takes me out of the way for the barber, however I could get money  at the gas station, though the ATM at the gas station dined on my card last time I used it, that might mean calling the bank up, I despise that, they keep you on the telephone for hours it feels like, requesting lots of safety questions I can never remember the response to……. . ”

Even reading this gives me a headache and he has not even considered another two barbers yet! Maintain the steps to your target into a minimum by stacking little task under a single heading:

Target — Get a Haircut; Pick a barber in walking distance of the house

Book appointment

Attend appointment on the date and time

Brain TrickManageable tasks create motivation

Brain Trick #3: The mind
When working towards a target it is easy to become stuck because of a psychological block. The issue or barrier your goal requires you to conquer is de-motivating if you can not find the solution.

Once motivated to achieve your goal you can easily fall into the snare of overthinking the obstacles you come around:

The problem that requires solving

You ask”What is the solution? What if I do? I need to know this!”

This Frequent activity Makes a mental block as your concentration kills your imagination:

Re-ask the query from different viewpoints as this will get your brains imagination

Close your eyes, have a deep breath and relax. In this condition, your subconscious will probably locate the response and You’ll have an”ah-ha” second

Daydream as this enables your brain to Concentrate on the motivation of your target and will Provide you the answer, frequently in a metaphor form for your barrier

Brain Trick — Creativity solves the difficulty

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