How To Cure Information Overload

How To Cure Information Overload

Daily, info overload threatens to destroy your life.

We are drowning in data.

The issue appears to be accelerating. We are bombarded with an increasing number of notification’s and alerts while getting less time to process it all. What is worse, it is impacting our health and restricting our ability to perform our jobs.

  • 25 percent of employees experienced considerable stress and bad health because of the quantity of data they are needed to process.
  • 36 percent of supervisors reported bad health on account of the surplus information they were needed to process at work.
  • 68 percent of these managers felt data overload has had a negative influence on their professional and personal relationships.

A similar study was conducted with supervisors from the USA, England, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. A whopping 73 percent of these felt they had enormous amounts of data to process to do their jobs well. However, these Very Same directors reported that info overload hurt them and was burning them out.

  • 33 percent believed that they were suffering from bad health because of data overload.
  • 66 percent reported anxiety with their co-workers and direction in addition to reduced job satisfaction.
  • 62 percent confessed their professional and social associations were affected.

Information overload is a massive problem that only has become worse.

However, why?

The majority of individuals do not recognize the signs symptoms, and signs of information overload.

They suffer in silence, believing there’s something wrong with them. That they are less competent than their peers. Experts fighting with information overload are usually challenging, highly driven individuals who:

  • Feel they are at the end of the rope
  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Are you anxious, irritable and unfocused
  • Feel stressed out
  • Are overwhelmed by lifestyle

Why is this difficult to deal with is the reason. Information overload differs from person to person, the reason manifests itself in quite different manners.

This obviously leads us to inquire, what causes information overload?

The reason for information overload will surprise you.
When asked about the reason behind information overload, our natural tendency is to just say the obvious. The reason for information overload is too many details.

There is much more to it than that.

In reality, the challenge is about the info and much more about our reaction to the info.

What exactly does that mean precisely?

Expectations about information have transformed. Expectations regarding reaction times have changed radically. We used to get a couple of days or months to react to a specific bit of data (e.g. message, ask, studying, etc.) Now we are expected to reply in moments (SMS), moments (idle ) and times (email). The requirements placed on us have increased exponentially.

Info based demand has increased. First one in, last one out is that the expected standard at several associations. We are expected to take our work home with us. As a result of smartphones, social networks, smart TVs, and IoT apparatus, we are constantly bombarded with info. Our companies expect us to work days, weekends and nights.

We are left with little to no time to recharge. We are expected to work faster, harder and more. Our operation is predicted to grow exponentially. We are expected to take in additional info, to do more with less, but we are not given the resources and tools we will need to achieve that.

What matters further is the quantity of information we are forced to deal with on a daily basis.

5 Quintillion bytes of information is created daily.

Every two days we produce as many facts in the dawn of culture till 2018.

From 2020, 1.7 megabytes of fresh information is going to be generated every second, for each single human being on the ground. Just 0.5 percent of most data is analyzed or used.

The source of information overload boils down to individuals.

The data processing constraints of every Individual

Our mindset, satisfaction or motivation

The condition of mind/condition (e.g. are we hungry, exhausted, cold, nervous, etc..)

A failure on the part of the sender to properly display filter or assess the information that they’re sending.

Inadequate writing/communication abilities of this sender

Subpar understanding skills of this receiver

Requesting an excessive amount of info / joining too many online forums, associations, Social Sites, etc..

Seeing information for an Issue as Opposed to a part of the job

Utilizing the data to attain control and power

Yes, the explosion of information we are dealing with is not unprecedented. This information explosion could be overpowering by itself, but poor habits make all much worse.

Our very own bad habits amplify the anxiety harm.
Info is not exactly like info overload.

It is a vital distinction that has to be made.

Here’s the reason why.

Much of the information was available and fresh, or accessible but inaccessible.

Our customs are only amplified by information.

We are made to find ways to deal with information overload. The issue with some of the habits is they produce more overload, reduce productivity and general functionality.

All info is stored irrespective of its worth, purpose or value.

After manicured, these deleters destroy information without assessing or assessing it.

All these people today ask all advice but refuse to read or do anything with it.

All these people today examine and analyze all advice but are paralyzed and not able to earn a determination.

As their name implies, these people today oppose innovation and progress in almost any form.

Power users. These folks are proficient at utilizing the information which they receive but they need it in a customized format.

All these people today recognize the worth of advice, see it for what it is and can use it to get maximum advantage.

All these will be the glass-is-half-full optimists who determine that the value of data, opting to see/use advice as a valuable tool.

Here is the astonishing thing about these poor habits.

All of them have their place at the business. There is an opportunity to hoard data, a time to talk about it and an opportunity to delete info.

There is a time to dismiss the information.

However, our customs, the exact same customs that govern the way we work and use with this deluge of advice, this is the bit which typically contributes to information overload.

It is less about battling information overload and also much more about forming good habits about advice. There are lots of strategies you can use to ease overload. You’re able to use enormous amounts of information, needs, and stress and keep your sanity.


It begins with significance.

You can not combat information overload. You can only hope to contain it.
It is a frequent error for a number of individuals to put their trust in tech. They consider technology will resolve the issue of information overload. However, if futurists are correct, the issue of data overload is simply likely to get worse.

By 2020, some futurists predict data will double every 70 days.

What does this mean?

Fighting information overload is not the answer to your issue. Alright… So, what’s the solution?


While engineering will play an essential role in information management, the principal solution will return to our decisions, customs, and answers. Here are a number of tips you can take to handle info overload.

Changing your perception of a job by changing the medium, platform or method you use to operate on such a undertaking. By way of instance, printing a record and working with it reading the exact same record on your own personal computer screen in your desk.

Delegating tasks to the right/relevant teammate or even co-worker, instead of carrying it . This is simple enough to understand until you understand that on average, 20% of those folks in your business do approximately 80 percent of their job, which in most probability includes you.

This entails making yourself unavailable in a specified time, or to get certain tasks daily. If you are writing ad copy by way of instance, you change your standing on Slack to inaccessible, shut your email client and turn off your mobile phone. This focuses your attention on the bit of information that matters. What you are working on right now.

Using metrics such as trustworthiness, conciseness, precision, etc. . evaluate the reliability of a data resource. If you are provided data from several sources, then you may use metrics and respective criteria to filter the resources you do not need. This really is terrifying at first because there’s an unspoken fear lurking behind the scenes. “Imagine if I miss something important?” Implementing this strategy requires just a tiny bit of religion. If you overlook something and you are alerted to this reality, refine your filtering standards so that you capture the info that matters, then proceed.

Folks are really terrible at multi-tasking, so it is perfect if you’re able to focus your attention on something. In case you need to multi-task so as to handle information overload, then train yourself to do it correctly. Work to make leverage where and if you may. By way of instance, if you are uploading or downloading data you can certainly complete any outstanding or extra to-dos. Use programs, support, and machines where and if you may.

Information is not created equal. At any given stage you might discover that one job is more significant than another. Sometimes that needs dropping what you are working on. Other times you are expected to say No to somebody asking you for assistance with something less significant. This is not rocket science and it is probably something you have heard previously. Here is the part most men and women miss. Prioritization never finishes. It is simple for all of us to reevaluate our tasks, to plan our day. Subsequently, life comes along and destroys our aims. Change is a sign to re-prioritize.

Some jobs will not be finished in time. Other jobs may need input from stakeholders or co-workers. Queuing successfully means you are in a position to do everything you can, in which you may. Finish the to-do items which you can perform, giving jobs on your queue your entire attention. Out of queue out of mind.

Some requests, jobs, and individuals ought to be ignored. If they are not related to your job, you are not helping somebody in your group (or on your community ), it is a fantastic idea to rapidly assign to-dos to somebody else. When it is not a match and you realize you should not be doing this or it’s somebody else’s job, finding a means to reject the petition outright is a smart idea. If you are not in a position to change this, change divisions or function to discover a different occupation.

You have likely heard the expression”Perfect is the enemy of great.” If you are like me, then that seems like an absolutely horrible idea. Conscientious employees strive for perfection. Perfection causes overload. A wholesome compromise? Strive for perfection in phases. Iterate where and whenever you can.

Shifting attitudes and perceptions about the occupation. Your thoughts create your feelings, your own emotions dictate your own emotional and mental wellness. Change your ideas on the information you are working with and you alter its consequences on your body and health.

Use tools such as Google Maintain, Evernote or Pocket to store, track and annotate the web pages and articles you encounter. Take advantage of these tools to label content with standardized keywords you can use to locate them afterward. Add notes, discuss info and save it in a format that is most appropriate for you.

Data overload will get worse…
If we don’t embrace the correct behaviors, customs, and options. Info is on course to double every 70 days, without any signs of slowing down. Wish to get a deal on data overload?

Learn how to deal with the information that you get.

Utilizing the tactics and strategies we have discussed, you’ve got the resources and tools you will need to get rid of overload and optimize productivity.

The key to managing overload?


Utilize advice that is, directly and indirectly, associated with what you are doing, once you’re performing this. Do your very best to remove filter out or block irrelevance. Do what you can to be sure that the info that you will need is accessible to you once you require it.

It requires training, demands discipline and is dependent upon patience.

The Way To Maintain Information Overload From Hurting You…
Provided that it is handled well. Information overload is sweeping throughout your own organization, through the individuals and groups around you. It is spread from 1 individual to another — especially those that are unprepared and unwilling to change.

You’ve got an opportunity.

When it is handled well, information creates a chance. The huge majority of folks around you’re drowning in surplus information. Their poor decisions, poor habits, and answers make an overload. In the event you decide to be different, should you make the proper decisions, make good habits and function to restrain your answers, information overload becomes something of the past.

Nevertheless, it’s all based on significance.

Produce the ideal arrangement, focus on value and you’re going to discover you had the remedy altogether.

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